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Wills and Probate

Research has shown that one third of the population has not made a Will.  Most people assume that all their possessions pass automatically on their death to their Spouse, Partner or members of the family.  This is not necessarily the case.

Having a Will drawn up is the best way to ensure that your wishes and the arrangements that you wish to make for your Estate are carried out after your death.  A Will also protects your loved ones and family and reduces the financial worry for them during what is already a traumatic and emotional time.

If there is no Will the Estate will pass under the Intestacy Rules and if the person who has died has an estate valued at more than £250,000, the spouse or civil partner will inherit all of their personal belongings and the first £250,000 of the Estate, and then half of the remaining estate with what is left being divided between any children. This rule does not apply to long term or 'Common Law' Partners.  By planning ahead and making a Will during your lifetime means that you can ensure that your Estate is distributed properly.  Our experienced team can advise you on the best way to preserve family's assets and wealth.  Our Private Client team can also provide advice on the best way to minimise Inheritance tax liability and also preserve your family's wealth.  We are also experienced in advising clients in challenging an Estate.

We are fully accredited and also a member of the Law Society's Will and Inheritance Quality Scheme (WIQS) providing a best practise quality standard for Wills and Estate Administration advice. 

Our specialist multi-lingual team can assist you with:
-Preparing a Will;
-Creating Trusts;
-Probate and Administration services;
-Tax and Estate Planning;
-General & Lasting Powers of Attorney;
-Court of Protection;
-Contentious Probate;
-Inheritance Act Applications.


The fees set out below are a general guide. We can offer a more personalised quote if you telephone us and provide details of your circumstances. 

The fee for a single will starts from £300 inclusive of VAT and for mirror wills starts from £480 inclusive of VAT.