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Children and Family

Lock & Marlborough has a well-established reputation in dealing with all aspects of Children related disputes. Our experienced Family Team offer a sympathetic yet efficient and professional service, as we are aware that any matters concerning your children are of extreme importance. For this reason we give priority to clients who need help in this area and can see you in cases of emergency.

Edward Lock and John Vassallo are both members of the Law Society's Childrens' Panel.

Our Team is committed to providing the best advice to assist you and, where possible, we will endeavour to resolve disputes by negotiation, mediation and reconciliation. However, if it becomes necessary to start court proceedings, we can act and will act quickly to bring your case to a fair conclusion. We also have a public funding francaise and in certain circumstances you may be entitled to free legal representation, with a Legal Aid certificate.

Our areas of expertise:
Private Law - Children
Disputes between parents, grandparents, or siblings, about issues relating to residence, contact, change of name, specific issues relating to schooling or upbringing of a child, parental rights and removal from the U.K.

Care proceedings
Include actions taken by social services for the protection of children, or court proceedings for the removal of children from their parents, or in relation to special guardianship applications concerning long-term planning for a child's residence away from their home. We can advise and assist you before court proceedings, attend child protection conferences and represent you in court proceedings.

Adoption and Special Guardianship orders, whether you are the applicant or the parent opposing the order, advising on the relevance and consequences of these orders, or making the application.
We can also advise you prior to marriage or setting up home with a partner, by putting your plans in wiring and recording agreement in regard to financial issues in order to provide clarity for the future.

Child Abduction